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Datum 02.05.2017 bis 03.05.2017

Learning Target:

Upon completion you will be able to:

  • understand the key elements of culture and the different foundations to assess this
  • understand the difficulties in any assessment methodology including issues around sub-cultures and behaviours
  • consider the way culture interacts with other governance, risk, assurance and compliance processes – culture does not sit apart from these factors
  • understand the different ways to approach a cultural audit
  • understand robust ways to think about culture when auditing other matters
  • understand latest guidance from the FCA on this topic


Risk and control issues are increasingly attributed to cultural and behavioural short-comings, but what exactly do we mean by this? In addition, internal auditors in Financial Services are being asked to comment on the culture of the departments and organisations they audit. This course will examine what we mean by culture and how to approach a cultural audit.
definitions and models of culture

  • sub-cultures – country cultures and behaviours
  • differences between the espoused and real culture – understanding defensive routines
  • what can and cannot be inferred from staff surveys
  • the psychology of decision making and how this may be influencing culture
  • group dynamics and politics
  • models of organisational effectiveness that can be used as a way of approaching cultural issues
  • understanding the relationship between culture, risk appetite and audit themes
  • practical ways to begin auditing culture
  • recognising the limits of internal audit in this area

Course Instructore: James Paterson

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