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Datum 09.05.2017 bis 10.05.2017

Learning Target:

This course is designed for chief audit executives or senior audit managers who like to present and assess their own risk management organization together with peers and gain a lot of insight and input from other company’s risk management organization. You learn to get quickly to a professional initial risk management assessment.

  • Identify and assess the roles and responsibilities within an organization responsible for enterprise risk management (RM Governance)
  • Compare the types of enterprise risk management frameworks
  • Assess the maturity level of risk management frameworks
  • Learn about and assess risk taxonomies
  • Identify the various risk management processes
  • Assess risk management process maturities

Prerequisites: - Acquired a risk management certification (e.g. CRMA or equivalent), or - Participant in RM training courses such as the SVIR training "Enterprise Risk Management: Elements of the Process" or equivalent, and/or - Good Risk Management Understanding gathered from work experience in Risk Management Functions

Preparation: You need to gather the information and material needed which shall allow for a comparable assessment and presentation of your company’s own risk management to peers. This needs time which - depending on circumstances – can be up to a day.


As a chief audit executive or senior auditor you may be challenged with assessing, auditing or consulting on your company’s own risk management. This course shall provide you with an innovative learning platform to better master these challenges and to become a good sparring partner for your BoD and CRO. Based on some guidance you will assess and present your company’s risk management organization to peers which will help you to gain more understanding about the strength and the weaknesses of your company’s risk management set-up. In addition you get insight into others risk management organizations and learn to provide quick overall assessments and feedback about those to your peers. This course trains your ability to reach good professional judgments and conclusions. The course is geared to provide you with more stance in a topic with lots of ambiguity.

Course Instructor: Angelica Bienz

Dauer 9. Mai - 10. Mai 2017
Standort Zentrum für Weiterbildung der Universität Zürich
Schaffhauserstrasse 228
8057 Zürich
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