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Datum 19.02.2018 bis 21.02.2018

Learning Target

This course allows the participants to: - Reinforce CIA content knowledge - Rehearse using sample questions - Review your CIA preparation status and plan - Discuss exam strategy and topics with peers


Taught by an experienced CIA instructor and subject matter expert, this course works through the IIA’s content outline and practice exam questions. We will also exchange test taking and preparation tips, and discuss selected topics in the peer group.

CIA Part 3 - Internal Audit Knowledge Elements

  • Governance and Business Ethics
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Structures and Processes
  • Communication
  • Management and Leadership Principles
  • IT and Business Continuity
  • Financial Management
  • Business Environments


Prerequisites - Acquire a CIA learning system - Skim part 3 text and exercise questions

Additional self-study is required to succeed in the exam.

Trainer: Ulrich Hahn

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