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Datum 27.02.2018

Learning Target:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of current cyber threats and their costs and consequences
  • Promote employee awareness of their role in organizational security
  • Teach participants how to apply security best practices in their day- to-day activities and how to react when confronted by a threat.


This general security awareness course delivers essential information to limit risk, exposure and reputation damage to your organization and foster secure habits and positive behavior change at the employee level. Participants learn appropriate security behavior to proactively protect company data, as well as individual information privacy. The course provides a good balance of theory and real-life scenarios.

  • Information Gathering

    • Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo … are social networks dangerous?
    • How can you be targeted by a hacker via social networks?
    • What info can or cannot be shared?
    • How can you protect yourself?
    • All we say is true: real life epic fails!
  • Social Engineering

    • How an attacker can use your behavior against you?
    • What is there behind these motivations?
    • Phishing ….What the heck is it?
    • Attack a company using a simple email … Myth or reality?
    • How to react to ensure full protection
    • Phone attacks? How attackers use 80s technology to increase efficiency.
    • Protection simplicity is inversely proportional to attack complexity ... Follow the guide!
  • Physical Attacks

    • Physical intrusion: Learn how attackers increase their efficiency!
    • What methods are used to control people's reactions and how is this exploited?
    • What are attackers’ opportunities once they are inside?
    • Reflexes you should adopt to protect yourself and your company.
    • What about in the real life? From theory to practice
  • Network Attacks

    • Number of possible attack vectors is growing everyday: a dive inside the hacker's world!
    • Beat the hacker by attack detection!
    • In your private or professional life, how to react appropriately after attack detection.
    • Simple tricks to protect yourself efficiently.
    • You think your password is strong? Let's define what "strong" means.
  • Mobile Devices

    • An efficient attack vector: your smartphone and apps
    • How insecurity is increasing on your smartphone
    • What is safe behavior in term of privacy protection?
    • How to configure your smartphone in order to keep control of your private and professional life


2 Security Engineers whose purpose as benevolent "hackers" it is to check the reactivity and resistance of a network in case of an attack. Rick El-Darwish, Security Engineer at Kudelski Security, Security and Risk Assessment Team Nicolas Moniez, Security Engineer at Kudelski Security, Security and Risk Assessment Team

Dauer 1/2 Tag / 4 CPE
Standort Zentrum für Weiterbildung der Universität Zürich
Schaffhauserstrasse 228
8057 Zürich
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