Id E183573
Datum 08.03.2018

Learning Target:

This 1-day intensive course will teach you how to design and implement an integrated GRC capability within your organization. It also prepares you to enhance your credentials by taking the GRC Professional certification exam, the top GRC certification in the world, offered by OCEG’s affiliate organization, GRC Certify.


This training will help you get clarity on what GRC is, and what it is not, by learning how to develop a GRC program based on the GRC Capability Model from OCEG. Through lectures and practical group interaction, discussions, and exercises, you will learn to:

  • Define a GRC strategy
  • Integrate and improve corporate performance, risk and compliance programs
  • Design and implement an integrated GRC capability using the OCEG GRC Capability Model
  • Strengthen core business processes
  • Improve use of technology to support the integrated governance, management, and assurance of performance, risk, and compliance
  • Have a common language to discuss governance, risk management, and compliance topics in your organization
  • and increase your chances to successfully pass the GRC Professional certification exam

Trainer: Kudelsky

Dauer 1 Tag / 8 CPE
Standort Zentrum für Weiterbildung der Universität Zürich
Schaffhauserstrasse 228
8057 Zürich
Max. Teilnehmeranzahl 25 Verfügbare Plätze: 16
Preis Mitglieder CHF 790.-
Nicht-Mitglieder CHF 950.-
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