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Datum 29.05.2018

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This master class is for audit managers who want to explore and enhance their ability to manage an audit assignment so that it delivers a high-quality result on time and to budget. It also addresses the practice of using risk control matrices as a key tool to develop appropriate assignment work plans and offers best practice benchmarking and real examples of how to get risk control matrices that are neither too long, not too superficial.


  • Understanding how best to scope an assignment and the different types of assignment that are possible
  • Thinking about the depth of assignments – Reviews, Health-Checks, Design assessments, Audits and investigations
  • Developing a clear understanding of the key “exam questions” that assignments should have in order to ensure stakeholder support for the assignment
  • What does a good assignment work programme look like, starting from information requests, opening meetings and the development of criteria and understanding of risk appetite
  • Risk Control matrices – various templates – and should these be shared with those being audited
  • Getting the right balance around key controls – reviewing examples covering HR, Finance, IT, Procurement and organization wide controls
  • Different options to describe what has been found and what its impact might be
  • Effective discussions around actions to be taken and how to ensure these are allocated an appropriate amount of time, with confidence these will be closed off.

Trainer: James Paterson

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