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Datum 31.05.2018

Learning Target:

Today’s internal audit managers and heads of internal audit need to work closely with business leaders, other stakeholders (risk and compliance) and other stakeholders. This masterclass looks at the science behind effectively managing these relationships to best effect.


  • The importance of stakeholder management and strategic influencing the context of internal audit best practices – a review of key internal audit studies.
  • Understanding added value in the context of internal auditing value
  • Understanding common pitfall areas when influencing looking at key psychological studies
  • Understanding the way group dynamics operate
  • Understanding how organizational and political factors can impact influencing strategies
  • Understanding “Political savvy”
  • Gaining greater self-awareness of one’s own influencing style and how this can help or hinder influencing choices
  • Practical approaches that can improve impact and influence, using “Action Learning” techniques

Trainer: James Paterson

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