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Learning Target

After attending this course the participants will know the topics covered on the CRMA. The course allows the participants to discuss CRMA topics with subject matter experts and peers. It gives you valuable study tips and practice exam questions to work through.


Your Key to Career Success: The CRMA is designed for internal auditors and risk management professionals with responsibility for and experience in providing risk assurance, governance processes, quality assurance, or control self-assessment (CSA). It demonstrates an individuals ability to evaluate the dynamic components that comprise an organizations governance and enterprise risk management program and provide advice and assurance around these issues.

CRMA Domain I : Organizational governance related to risk management CRMA Domain II : Principles of risk management processes CRMA Domain III : Assurance role of the Internal Auditor CRMA Domain IV : Consulting role of the Internal Auditor

CRMA® Exam Study Guide, 50 Practice CRMA multiple-choice exam questions (from CRMA® Exam Study Guide), 50 Additional practice CRMA multiple-choice exam questions.

Trainer: Helen Spraggett

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