April edition of Ia Magazin is available online

Due to the current situation, the print version of the Ia magazine for April cannot be sent from overseas. To ensure that you can still enjoy your reading, we are giving all our members access to the online version of the Internal Auditor Magazine. This way you can read this issue on your smartphone, tablet or PC - wherever you are. Just click here.

National Conference 2020 is rescheduled to 17 & 18.06.2021

Due to the current situation and the uncertainty as to what will happen with the federal government's regulations (such as travel and attendance restrictions), the National Conference planned for June will be rescheduled by one year. The new date is set: 17 and 18.06.2021 at the Casinotheater Winterthur. Reserve the date now and look forward to top-class speakers and cutting-edge topics.  

Annual general assembly of 23.4.2020

Due to the current situation, the ordinary general assembly of our Institute on 23.04.2020 will take place at the office, under exclusion of the members. The IIA Switzerland bases its decision on the COVID-19 regulation of the Federal Council. Members can exercise their voting rights in writing by post only. Members will receive detailed information via email. The documents for the General Assembly can be found in the secured member area on this website.

Continuation of your professional education

The well-being of our members, seminar participants and lecturers has the highest priority. Due to the current situation, the commitee of IIA Switzerland has decided to discontinue on-site training until further notice.

It remains our goal to offer you the opportunity to receive further training and to acquire the CPE's required for your certification. Wherever possible, seminars with on-site presence will be replaced by virtual seminars. If the learning effect of a seminar is significantly diminished by the virtual implementation, we will postpone the seminar to a later date. Participants of courses until the end of May 2020 will be informed directly. Information on new course dates will be published here as soon as possible.

Our office is at your disposal for information and requests.

Courses and Events

Date Title Seats
23.04.2020 Revision 4.0 - Digital und motiviert mitarbeiten Available places: 5
27.04.2020 Grundlagen der Internen Revision Kurs 1 Available places: 6
05.05.2020 Fit for IT-Audit für Fachrevisoren Available places: 2
28.05.2020 Warnsignale „Red Flags“ – Verschleierungen erkennen Booked out
04.06.2020 Audit du bien-être dans les organisations Available places: 14
04.06.2020 Integrierte Internal Audit Planung Available places: 20
08.06.2020 CIA Vorbereitungskurs 1: Teil I Grundlagen des Internal Audit Available places: 8
09.06.2020 CIA Vorbereitungskurs 2: Teil II Praxis des Internal Audit Available places: 8
09.06.2020 Organiser les interfaces de gestion des risques - contrôle interne - audit Available places: 8
10.06.2020 Audit des dispositifs de gestion des risques et de contrôle interne Available places: 9
11.06.2020 CIA Vorbereitungskurs 3: Teil III Management, IT, Rechnungswesen Available places: 9
11.06.2020 Ethik und Verhaltensökonomie im Kontext der Internen Revision Available places: 15
17.06.2020 Data Analytics in Big Data Advanced Available places: 7
23.06.2020 Mieux maîtriser les risques des systèmes d'information Available places: 14
27.08.2020 Data Analytics Basics Kurs 2 Available places: 8
03.09.2020 Das forensische Interview Available places: 14
10.09.2020 Workplace of the Future – Internal Audit is changing Available places: 17
10.09.2020 Maîtriser les risques liés au reporting réglementaire Bâle III Available places: 16
16.09.2020 Data Analytics in Big Data Advanced Kurs 2 Available places: 11
17.09.2020 Fraud und Korruptionsbekämpfung im öffentlichen Sektor Available places: 7
23.09.2020 Conduire un projet de cartographie des risques Available places: 10
24.09.2020 Das forensische Interview Available places: 15
25.09.2020 Workshop Ethik für Revisoren Available places: 15
28.09.2020 Maîtriser la gestion des libertés individuelles et la RGPD Available places: 16
28.09.2020 Internal Audit Quality Assessment: Performing an Internal or External Review (IIA Accreditation Cours) Available places: 19
30.09.2020 How to define risk evaluation criteria and risk appetite for a company Available places: 18
01.10.2020 Grundlagen zur Prüfung der SAP Finanzbuchhaltung Available places: 20
02.10.2020 Erweiterte Prüfung der SAP Finanzbuchhaltung Available places: 21
12.10.2020 Comprendre les enjeux des nouveaux modes d’organisation et comment les auditer Available places: 15
14.10.2020 Internal control system: key elements, governance and challenges Available places: 16
19.10.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part I Available places: 9
19.10.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part II Available places: 9
21.10.2020 Zukunft Interne Revision -Werkstatt Metakompetenzen erfolgreich ausprägen Available places: 18
26.10.2020 Grundlagen der Internen Revision Kurs 2 Available places: 14
30.10.2020 Maîtriser le risque cyber Available places: 11
03.11.2020 Data Analytics Basics Kurs 3 Available places: 7
04.11.2020 MS Excel für Revisoren Kurs 3 Available places: 11
04.11.2020 Auditing Governance and strategic risks Available places: 18
05.11.2020 MS Excel für Revisoren Kurs 4 Available places: 11
09.11.2020 Maîtrise des risques et protection du patrimoine Available places: 16
11.11.2020 Maîtriser la qualité des données Available places: 10
16.11.2020 La place de l'audit et du contrôle interne vis-à-vis du RGPD Available places: 14
16.11.2020 CIA Preparation Course 2: Part III Available places: 8
24.11.2020 Business Continuity Management: building and auditing Available places: 19
30.11.2020 Projekte prüfen aus Sicht der Internen Revision Available places: 17
03.12.2020 Fraud Risiken und Täter - Ursachen, Identifikation und Bewertung Available places: 3
03.12.2020 Utiliser la pensée critique pour innover Available places: 16